Fight for Relief Facebook Event Page

Whether you plan on attending one of our charity tournaments or will be watching the online broadcast, please RSVP on Facebook and help us spread the word!


Please use the Twitter hashtag #FightForRelief when discussing the event online. Let’s aim for the trending topics on April 3!

Follow These Organizers

@LevelUpSeries – Major tournament and broadcast producers located in Southern California

@iPLAYWINNER – Fighting game news, strategies and tournaments, based in Northern California

@Potatohead – Media producer and co-founder of Level | Up Series, lover of SNSD aka “Girls Generation”

@Jaredr – Media Consultant iPLAYWINNER, World Jackie Chan in Fists of Fire Champion

@Markman23 – Mad Catz Product Designer, face of TEKKEN, buffalo wings enthusiast

@Haunts – CEO of iPLAYWINNER, part-time model, breakdancer

@AlexValleSF4 – Co-founder Level | Up Series, Street Fighter living legend, perfect gentleman


For any questions, concerns or media inquiries, please feel free to contact the following organizers.

Northern California: Jared Rea,

Southern California: AJ Papa,
Jeffrey Dee,


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