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Online Raffle Instructions

Throughout Fight for Relief we’ll be thanking those who donate online with a series online raffle prizes. Entering into these raffles is very simple.

1. First, donate online via Fight for Relief’s GlobalGiving fundraiser page.

2. You’ll then receive an email receipt. Forward this email to in order to verify your details.

Then watch Fight for Relief on to see if you win! We will also be contacting all winners by email. Check out what you could win!

Donation FAQ

Q. How can I be sure my donation is going to the right cause?
In utilizing GlobalGiving, you can be confident that your donation is going straight to the source of their Japan Earthquake and Tsunami relief fund. For online donations, Fight for Relief staff never actually comes in contact with the money you’ve donated, and instead only receives credit for being the one to acquire the donation on our fundraiser page. Your donation will go direct to the source and it’ll also stand as a statement from the fighting game community.

For the physical tournament proceeds, Fight for Relief is making transparency a top priority and will be releasing the receipts for all cash donations made at both the Northern California and Southern California venues here on our website.

Q. I received an email from both GlobalGiving AND PayPal. Which one do I send?
While either or will be fine, we’d greatly prefer the GlobalGiving email.

Q. I’m making a large donation in hopes of winning the Gold TE. Can I send you multiple donations?
In order to de-emphasize the award itself, we’re asking that you only donate one lump sum.

Photo by REUTERS/Kyodo

The Fight for Relief

On March 11, the island nation of Japan suffered a massive blow in the form of a 9.0 offshore earthquake. What was already a devastating force of nature then resulted in a tsunami that brought unfathomable destruction to the northern shores of Japan, which now faces a nuclear crisis as several reactors in the region were severely damaged.

The modern day fighting community is one that is truly global, though no international friendship nor rivalry is stronger than that between Japan and everyone else. Whether it’s players from around the world making the pilgrimage to level up at Big Box in Tokyo, or Japan’s best traveling to Las Vegas each year for the EVO World Finals, we look to our friends in Japan to discover what it truly means to be a World Warrior.

In Fight for Relief, we hope to unite the global fighting game community to a message of hope these desperate times, as well as aid to those who need it the most. Utilizing, you can be assured that any donation you make will be made securely and that your donations will be sent straight to the organizations that need it most, including International Medical Corps, Save the Children and more. Please feel free to read all about GlobalGiving’s Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund.

From all of the organizers and sponsors of Fight for Relief, we thank you very much for your sincere generosity.

Additional Contribution Information

If you’ve come this far, please take the time to research alternate means to contribute to Japan relief efforts. Fight for Relief is a work of passion amongst our community, but the primary goal is to assist our friends in need and in that spirit here are some recommendations.

Play For JapanPlay for Japan – A Game Industry Relief Effort

Japan SocietyJapan Society – Earthquake Relief Fund


Save the ChildrenSave the Children – Earthquake Tsunami Children in Emergency Fund


Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support


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