A Golden Opportunity

1 Apr

*ATTENTION: Thank you to GlobalGiving for correcting our issue with early donations. On that note, our fundraiser page is now live to avoid similar confusion. Thank you!*

With only two days remaining until Fight for Relief, it’s about time that we fill you all in on the special raffle prizes that we’ll be giving away to our online donators. But first, from all the Fight for Relief staff, we’d like to thank each and every one of you who has helped us spread the word about this fantastic event. From all the media coverage to the outpouring of positivity, it’s meant a lot to all of us and we can’t wait to kick off our fundraiser for Japan.

For those who are physically attending one of our Fight for Relief events (and you can find more information in the navigation to your right) we’ll have raffle promotions throughout the day, with more information available at the venues. Everyone else tuning into the live broadcast via justin.tv, we’ll have some very special gifts for those who choose to donate.

In order to participate in the online raffles, you’ll have to complete a very simple two-step process detailed on our Donate page. First, simply donate to the Fight for Relief Fundraiser on GlobalGiving.org, which will go live on April 3. You will then receive an email receipt. You must then forward this receipt to fightforrelief@gmail.com to participate in the raffle. This is basically an extra verification step for us to confirm your details and prevent someone from gaming the system.

So what prize could possibly be so great that we have to take extra precautions? Read on to find out.. Continue reading